Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Crédit du Nord, the most expensive bank of France.

Crédit du Nord, the most expensive bank of France. Further analysis reveals, however, breaches of the law.

This is clear from the study conducted by according to their methodology. The results are visible on the following link:

Our studies focus instead on the legality of the items fee schedule. It is in the Crédit du Nord we had more "surprises".

Our attention was drawn by "anomalies" bizarre and very questionable practices.

Dispute on credit card payment: 39.50 EUR

Imagine going to make a claim for a reason necessarily justified by your butcher, your barber, your mechanic or your restaurant.

Can you imagine for one moment that the trader concerned asks 39.50 euros, just to listen to your complaint. No of course.

But that's what happens at Credit du Nord. The bank sold you a means of payment: credit card. This system is supposed to be secure, it is certainly the obligation of the bank.
You realize that amount has been debited and that it does not concern you.
So the security system that is at fault. You're there for nothing.
You claim, which is normal.
Crédit du Nord is 39.50 euros for having claimed.

use of overdraft: 15, 48 euros

You ask for an overdraft. It is indeed a demand for credit. Article 313-1 of the Consumer Code is formal, and the Courts of Cassation, 5 February 2008 was clearly confirmed. The APR (annual percentage rate) shall include interest, insurance and all costs inherent in that agreement found.
costs associated with the use of the overdraft are therefore covered by this article. Yet very often, the bank does not take into account. Why

fees must be included in the rate. Because the percentage rate is a standard calculation that allows consumers to compare the two offers.
To avoid that a bank draws its customers by announcing a 3% credit for example, but increases in a manner that obscures loading rate with a maximum cost.

Passing an overdraft: 129 euros

If you have an overdraft of € 500 for example, and a write occurs, bringing the balance at least 520 euros. Crédit du Nord will charge 129 euros as financial penalty.

Reminder about the legal nature of an overdraft.

An overdraft is a form of credit and non-amortizing revolving bank that you agree.

The customer has no technical possibility to increase the overdraft, without the express consent of the bank.

example. Your account is at least 500, you are within the authority agreed with your bank.

A 50 euro appears on your account. The bank has two options.

Either she refuses this writing, and she has that right.

Either it will consider the option to "lend" the 50 euros. This is clearly a new study of credit is conducted, although it is limited to one second of reflection and a mouse click.

Writing 50 euros is paid. It fits on your account, changing the de facto authorization contract to bring 500 euros to 550 euros.

Since you have not signed a new contract, it is what is called a quasi-contract. The legal characteristics are the same as a signed contract and, as the Court in September 2010, this new authorization for 550 euros "does not the banker, but obliges him to denounce this new and discovered by r and ar respecting the legal limit. "

This means that, until he has completed these formalities, it authorizes in fact your new found from 550 euros.

All this to come to the article in the fee schedule: Exceeded overdraft, 129 euros.

The word "tolerance" has no meaning since only the banker allows or not the new found.

The 129 euros which should be regarded as costs inherent in the granting of new credit and be integrated into the overall effective rate. This is never the case since the rate would be much higher than that of wear.

So it's illegal.

course there are other legal anomalies in this fee schedule, but here for the main.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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For an extension of the CMU (universal health coverage) to all French, including contributors.

For an extension of the CMU (universal health coverage) to all the French, including contributors.

In France there is an injustice and gross inequality in illness. The crisis has put in great difficulty the so-called middle classes.

If in the name of solidarity understandable and desired by the people, the state helps the poorest and most vulnerable, he totally abandons millions of other citizens.

Aid is based on income. The resources of these concerned citizens put them above the ceilings. But different issues: rising cost of living, rent, punctures illegal banking, taxes, debt, etc ... are these people, who for most work, end up with nothing. Moreover, this middle class is the ideal target banks that do them shamelessly.

result after their account has been emptied, they have more cash. The least EUR 20 note found in a pocket or a drawer, will serve a minimum of food. Not 5 fruits and vegetables per day, but a packet of pasta purchased from a dubious deals.

And their medical coverage? Their boss pays contributions for them, they pay themselves, they often have a mutual. Each month is a substantial sum which is paid to various health insurance.

They are very well covered, but in theory only. Indeed, we must always put the money. The transition from the general mandatory. Blood tests, x-rays, medicines, all of these benefits are reimbursed. Only one person is totally unable to move a penny.

So they do not heal and can no longer care for their children, unable to advance the funds. I'm not talking about all those long excluded care, dental crowns, orthodontic appliances, eyeglasses, hearing aids, cures, etc ... These categories no longer exist in a dream.

I speak for common ailments. We return to self-medication, if there is a ticket by chance, but mostly the system OAQCSP (You wait until it happens).

I is not even addressing the issues of cancer screening. If they are free in general, care is extremely expensive and totally out of reach of the middle class. They do not even have the means to afford a trip to Lourdes.

However, there are solutions that are equal before the French disease.

Either the extension of the CMU (universal health coverage) to all contributors. These would more to advance money they do not.

Either provide the middle classes of contributions. The amount paid each month by the company and returned to the contributor in their budgets and allow them to afford to treat themselves.

For serious illnesses and expensive? Anyway, he could not advance money and medicine, even with health insurance.

Gerard Faure-Kapper

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How Much Does It Cost Gum Graft Alloderm

Banks need a new breed of lawyers to complete their control of the Company.

To cope with an overwhelming wave of subpoenas in court, the banks have a weapon of mass destruction of client: a new breed of lawyers.

They enjoy lucrative contracts, and easy going. No need to know the right bank, this is not about what terrain they will be worried.

Opposite them, they were stunned opponents, penniless, knowing no law but aware of being victims of criminal acts, even criminals, from their bank. They have gathered their remaining strength in the lawsuit and intend to actually finish if justice is not doing its job.

In these cases, banks are often in complete breach of the law, texts and jurisprudence, and its staff has accumulated faults.

Any company with such charges against her would be untenable and forced to cease trading. For banks, this would be the same, except that their lawyers have a foolproof technique.

First the good artillery preparation. "Responses to conclusions" in which the lies are so big but charged with such aplomb that they become truth. The customer is stunned because it is impossible to disassemble everything in the limited time available. Furthermore, attempting to demonstrate that the bank systematically and grossly ment on all points, is hardly credible. "The bigger it is, the more things happening"

Then we must attack on all the client personally. The technique is in three stages. First, take an innocuous and then mount it and enter pin on the customer's obvious dishonesty. All facts can be used.

Some examples from actual cases (those cited concern Crédit du Nord, but all banks have adopted this technique).

If the client says nothing and does not react:
"By remaining silent, the client approves the operations concerned"

If the customer protests.
"The client is guilty of a epistolary harassment vis-à-vis the bank staff. "

If the customer is familiar with banking techniques.
"The customer uses his knowledge to try not to meet its commitments. "

The client knows nothing.
"How the client can say such things as lack of knowledge of the bank is clear. "The customer is

" The client constantly trying to force the passage of scriptures, forcing staff to take penalties'

The customer is not exposed.
"Coincidentally, the customer quickly covered his behalf without presumably to hide his dishonesty "

The client does not release a revolving credit facility.
"Then he had the opportunity to recover his account, the client was careful to release the amounts that were yet available. Hence his dishonesty. "The client unlocks

a revolving credit facility.
"The customer is engaged in a cavalry financial sanction-act high and justifies the bank's reaction to it."

The customer provides all of its extracts.
"Why the client feels the need to provide a plethora of documents the court? Probably to hide his dishonesty.

The client does not provide extracts where it is unnecessary credit.
"The client willfully fails to deliver the entire file. What is he hiding? Certainly his dishonesty.

The client has signed an account agreement.
"Then he signed an account agreement, the client returns to his signature. How the court can trust such an individual.

The customer has not signed the account agreement.
"He knew he had not signed. And yet, the client has never occurred with staff to sign the document. For what purpose? Guess Mr. President. "

Examples are endless. With a lawyer adept at these techniques, the bank takes full control of proceedings.

It can then enact its own laws. And that is what is happening. The entire court files are mounted in the same way.

Today, it is impossible to fight against such a system which has the money, time and power. The only solution lies in alternatives to the banking system.

Gerard Faure-Kapper

Friday, February 25, 2011

Swanson Chicken Broth Expire

From 1 May 2011, it will be almost impossible to prosecute a bank to court.

"We have the rights that can defend"
. On the basis of this principle that banks have enacted the new provisions of the Consumer Code. The 313-1 is particularly canceled. It was he who clearly defined the fact that the costs of interventions were included in the overall effective rate.

The new provisions do not question this principle, but the new article is written in a very complex and very technical.

The amounts in dispute are often lower 4,000 euros. The presence of a lawyer is not mandatory, only one client who is not the art, will have great difficulty in defining the offense committed by the bank closer to the new text.

Do not forget that proceeding, the complainant speaks first, and only a few minutes. In front of the bank's lawyer, will demonstrate square. The judge, who is neither a specialist nor a passion for banking, will tend to refer everyone back to back.

Besides the legislation, banks increasingly use the courts. Crédit du Nord, for example, Judgments obtained in total contradiction with the law.

1) The notice period for termination of a short pass from 1 month to 15 days.

2) A loan may be terminated without cause. Just the bank to send a letter denouncing the current account. Any requirements for the bank to close. The fact that she was "intent" is used to invoke the clause "closing the current account" as of right.
The deadline to repay the entire loan increased from 1 month to 8 days.
Interest in the bank is not so much to recover capital loan has since made it impossible to return, but we can start legal proceedings to recover and get paid on all assets.

3) It is recognized that a single account manager can make an entry in the file FICP without cause and without notice. The Registration is the weapon of discrimination and exclusion more effective. It is now available free.

To summarize:

Banks do not deny the right of consumers, but have created so many obstacles that litigation has become impossible.

Being a loan in a Bank makes available to it all of your assets.

There is only one last line of defense for citizens against absolute dictatorship, it will vote for a candidate in 2012 who has clearly denounced this fact. To date, there are only three.

"Because everybody thinks that it is impossible that the banks do."

Gerard Faure-Kapper